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Blog Post #3

I’ve built 3 individual pieces, I’m not sure if they flow together very well as one. I view them more as individuals because I intend to experiment with adding drawings on different areas of the works. For example, I would like to draw on the fabric of the bottom right sign, or drawing on theContinue reading “Blog Post #3”

Blog Post #2

This past week I made terra sigillata, which is as smooth as I remembered in being. I really enjoy using it to create multiple layers and some depth to my work. I also mixed about 10 different Mason stains and created test tiles with different amounts of layering of the white t sig, then differentContinue reading “Blog Post #2”

Blog Post #9

And so I’ve started a new piece, finally. It feels good! This time around I am going for less tiles, hence less risk for smaller/thin pieces to warp. I’m also trying to reduce how much I’m moving these pieces around. This new work is about a third smaller than the first, which I think isContinue reading “Blog Post #9”

Blog Post #8

This week I feel more comfortable jumping back into my tile work. I think I have more of an idea on the type of surface I want to create for this work. I would like it to be more on the simple side because I’ve fallen in love with the texture I achieve and leaveContinue reading “Blog Post #8”

Blog Post #7

Nothing super new is happening this week. Still struggling with surface and fear. I decided to start working on some cups and small plates to keep the gears turning in my head. I was coming to a standstill with making work. My pottery generally focuses on telling stories about the environments I interact with often.Continue reading “Blog Post #7”

Blog Post #6

I’ve realized that I’ve come to a point that I seem to reach in every project; a point that can be debilitating, frustrating, and incredibly terrifying. It’s the point in every project where I have no idea what I’m doing and I have to make a decision that determines if the piece will be successfulContinue reading “Blog Post #6”

Blog Post #4

Because we reviewed and discussed artist statements this past week, I have been asking myself a lot of questions about what I’m trying to say with my work, and if I’m being honest: I don’t know. For so long my work was about my relationships with the outside world; friends, strangers, specific locations, or objectsContinue reading “Blog Post #4”

Blog Post #3

This week I continued building the current work I started and began sketching and planning the next work I would like to make. I finished up the second figure this week and will complete the third figure of the current work during the next few days. After finishing all of the rough building, I willContinue reading “Blog Post #3”


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